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I mean, perhaps, to ask how much sleep you lost as you were uncovering all these disquieting remedies and curses. I think I just want to know how long you were haunted by the ideas before you transformed them into poetry. Rebecca: And I really liked how well the poems worked together, so I stayed in that world—the Swedish sand tarts in a poem near the end called to memory the Swedish sand tarts near the end.

Brian S: I have no idea where my childhood teeth are, though I’m fairly sure I swallowed at least one in my sleep. When you were writing through these remedies, myths, etc, what sort of “feelings” did you have? There is something important about writing through what we see in passing. Many of the poets I most admire have a way of embodying their peculiar obsessions via landscape that can sometimes seem magical.

“My goal right now is to educate and spread the sad news that it is happening in our own backyards, but more importantly, I must educate about the hope that we have.

We will be able to combat it by knowing what trafficking looks like, what to do if we see it, and by knowing how to prevent it from happening in the first place.”Registration for the event, available at, ranges in cost from for a trade show pass to for full access, to to a VIP pass that includes a breakfast session with author Cindy Ratzlaff.

So Larry meets up with Anna, thinking she is the dirty talking sex kitten he met online.

Once the revelation lands that Larry has been punk'd, a conversation nonetheless takes root, and an intrigue sparks between them.


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