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Lo makes her first and only appearance of the show to warn Aud off of getting together with JB, trying not to laugh as she suggests that Audrina stay away from him … We SO don’t want to know what kinkiness he’s referring to.

“This is the first time I didn’t have to think about what Audrina’s thinking,” he goes on and on.

Brody takes Kristin to visit his mom, Linda, who’s like the Ghost of Christmas Future for these silly girls. Poor Linda clearly wants to be on TV because she thinks she looks good and is cool, neither of which is correct. And then her face slides off of her skull from the weight of her collagen fillers. It’s one of those scenes during which we feel like an old person because (a) we’re so glad we don’t have to go places like that anymore, (b) even with subtitles, we can’t understand what anyone is saying because of the ambient noise, and (c) WHAT? Of course, Kristin responds like a total lady, and they end up shoving each other and cursing. Kristin and Brody leave together, and Jayde looks like a very, very angry Disney princess. The little guy’s back in full effect, and is just as frightening as ever.

On May 4th 2016 I got engaged to my lover and my best friend @kaitlynn_carter.

I couldn’t be more in love with this woman and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with her.???????? A photo posted by Brody Jenner (@brodyjenner) on Carter grabs Brody’s face for a super close kiss—her hand pointing towards the camera showing off the engagement ring.

Brody and his friends Taylor and Frankie hang out and play pool.

episode, the finale was jam-packed with shocking revelations, reversals of fortune and edge of your seat drama. This is nothing new for –Spencer and Heidi have turned the fake fight into an art form.


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