Carbon dating exponential functions

To show this, we needed to make one critical assumption: that for a thin enough slice of matter, the proportion of light getting through the slice was proportional to the thickness of the slice.Exactly the same treatment can be applied to radioactive decay. It comes from cosmic rays that rain down on the earth (and us) from outer space.

Some examples of exponential growth are population growth and financial growth.These problems will require you to know how to evaluate exponential expressions and solve exponential equations. If the information for time is given in dates, you need to convert it to how much time has past since the initial time.If you need a review on these topics, feel free to go to Tutorial 42: Exponential Functions and Tutorial 45: Exponential Equations. For example, if the model is set up at an initial year of 2000 and you need to find out what the value is in the year 2010, t would be 2010 - 2000 = 10 years.In this second article he describes the phenomenon of radioactive decay, which also obeys an exponential law, and explains how this information allows us to carbon-date artefacts such as the Dead Sea Scrolls.In the previous article, we saw that light attenuation obeys an exponential law.I can do this by working from the definition of "half-life": in the given amount of time (in this case, hours.


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