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DB: Are the roles between you and s/he, the avatar that you constructed in 1993, constantly evolving? How does the transgression of gender binaries through your avatar help in making architecture that is not heteronormative, that does not conform to already-established rules?FR: S/he is a kind of doppelgänger, a Siamese twin, the mask of Mishima, an avatar of Vishnu.

Those are large crocodile-like iguanas, around three meters in length.

As fluid and protean as all the entities through which it speaks, the synesthetic programs extend from manifestos to fiction, from chitchat to theoretical texts, from ephemeral installations to an architecture that invokes ecosophy, information technology, biology, and human and robotic pathologies.

Discussing the political program of architecture through strategies of disobedience, de-identification, biopolitics, and psycho-pathologies of the human animal, Roche also speaks about how built structures need to embody the suppressed, polluting, and unstable moods of surrounding environments and their inhabitants.

As we sipped wine and gazed out at the hotel's infinity pool and the lights of the city, we talked about how nice it would be have to have a date with us.

Naturally, the topic turned to men and the atmosphere in the room began to resemble a slumber party. We sat side by side, swiping right and left, exclaiming with glee when we matched with someone. I had tried (and still use) other dating applications but the pool of men I had been meeting began to feel limited.


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