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An Oak Park Heights police spokesman said Monday that his department never received a report of theft and is not pursuing anything related to the Stillwater incident.

Pressed again, she revealed his initials to be TJ, and that he played hockey for Tampa Bay.

Maybe if it's placed under a different context: a woman spends a night with her friend in a Buffalo bar.

A rich, well-known athlete invites her to a house party.

At least five Stillwater players were suspended before the Ponies’ 7-2 loss to Roseville in the section quarterfinal game, about a week after a Stillwater resident reported her car had been vandalized in her driveway. 5, police responded to a complaint of a car covered in Post-It notes, rubber bands, underwear, birdseed and food ranging from hot dogs to maple syrup, according to the report.

Two dead goldfish were near the house’s front door.


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