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Sum Yu tries hard to stop loving Tze Shan, until Yuen Lan's father Man Kwok Tai (Law Lok Lam) kills Leung Kim Hung (Kwok Fung) - Tze Shan's fellow officer and Chin Chin's brother - in order to frame an old enemy.Kwok Tai forces his daughter to assist his crime, but in the end they are both captured and sent to prison. Without Yuen Lan in the way, Sum Yu and Tze Shan quickly developed a relationship and even decided to marry. Yuen Lan asked if they can have a chance to get back to together.One day Sammi's purse gets stolen and Louis helps her get it back. Louis happens to win the lottery but Dong Dong snatches the ticket.When Louis tries to retrieve it, Jessica mistakens that Louis is trying to hurt her dog. The next day, Jessica discovers that Dong Dong is gone and believes that Louis took her dog.Tsui Wing-pong (Adam Cheng) and Tsui Ka-lap (Gallen Lo) are adopted brothers.

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However, Chi-kin and Hau-yung were forced to give up on each other, due to some circumstances, and Chi-kin ends up marrying Cheung Suet-ying (Jessica Hsuan), who is actually in love with Wing-pong's brother, Tsui Ka-lap.Over the years, Wing-pong bears a deep grudge against his biological father, who is the owner of the Yip family bank.At the same time, the Yip family had a dark past and some dangerous secrets.As for the talk that TVB has been inviting more and more former artists to return to the station, Jessica said it is a good thing.“The reason why I came back was because of the production team itself.Cast: Louis Koo as Dai Jeen Sek Jessica Hsuan as Ah Wing Sammi Cheng as Susan Joe Ma as Sam Cheng Zhi Sing as Ken Lee San San as Ah Mun Intro: "Man's Best Friend" stars Louis Koo (""A Step into the Past"), Jessica Hsuan ("Invisible Journey"), and Sammi Cheng.


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