Joo jin mo dating

"All male actors dream of playing macho men at one point or another, but they also dream of playing emotionally complex roles. On the big screen, Joo reunited with director Kwak Kyung-taek for Friend: The Great Legacy, the sequel to the 2001 hit film.

Joo plays a gangster in 1963, the father of Yoo Oh-sung's character in the original movie.

Joo Jin Mo posted to his Weibo on February 15 with the following photos and post, saying he will "take care of Sister Li well," using a cute nickname for Zhang Li.

He also teased the paparazzi for their "hard work," because he and Zhang Li were reported by tabloid news to be vacationing in Japan and staying in the same room.

According to news reports, Joo Jin Moo's agency also confirmed with this statement, “It is true that [Joo Jin Mo] is in a relationship with Zhang Li.

Chinese online video company i Qiyi said that Joo and Zhang enjoyed a date in Japan and published videos of the two taking pictures and eating meals together.South Korean actor Joo Jin-mo has been dating with Chinese actress Zhang Li, his management agency said Wednesday, responding to an internet video clip showing them in Sapporo on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido in early February.Huayi Brothers said their relations began last year when Zhang, 32, visited South Korea.This is Joo Jin Mo’s first public relationship, if I’m not mistaken, while Zhang Li was in a high profile relationship with Sunny Wang a few years back that crashed and burned fast and he moved on with now wife Dominique Tsai.Congrats to the pretty couple and wishing them the best!Speculation about the two stars actually first rose in mid-2016 when they were seen together, but it was refuted as rumor at the time.


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