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He didn't expect for upwards of 50 monkeys to eat 115 kilograms of deer feed in just a few days. LL: Did they look like they were having a good time? When you got that much feed in your face anybody would have a good time. LL: You knew when you moved there that there were going to be monkeys. The ones at my place, they see any kind of movement, they leave. My wife bought me a deer feeder for Father's Day, because I've got a bunch of deer and the kids love watching the deer out there. guest host Laura Lynch about his monkey problem, and how he caught the crime on camera. LL: What happened when you went to check on your deer feeder last week? BP: They were just on the deer feeder, feeding, climbing all over it. LL: So 1,100 photos, how many monkeys have you seen? I mean there was 40 to 50 every time but you know these pictures are taking, you know there's a time span of like a two-minute delay in between each picture snapped. You're not just seeing them on the camera, are you? So I put the deer feeder up, filled it all up, got it set, put a camera on it and within 12 hours I had 50 head of monkeys on it. Echo Look’s accompanying app, Style Check, uses firsthand advice from fashion pros to tell you which outfit “looks best” between any two, taking into consideration things like fit, color, and current trends in order to form its answer.From there, it can give you style advice and clothing recommendations that are readily available for purchase — where else? Amazon’s Echo devices, a suite of voice-based personal assistant hardware famously powered by Alexa, has already stirred up issues compelling legal questions about privacy: The device is literally an always-on internet-connected microphone that people keep in their homes 24/7.The Nest Cam Indoor security camera is designed to help you look after your home and family – even when you’re away.With 24/7 live streaming, a versatile magnetic stand, person alerts with Nest Aware and one app for all your Nest products, Nest Cam Indoor helps you keep an eye on what matters. “I saw the intruders with the Nest app and used Talk & Listen to scare them away.I took a screenshot of their faces and made a flyer to warn the neighbors.

with Nest Aware Some cameras can’t stay on all the time because they rely on batteries, so they only start recording when they sense motion. With a Nest Aware subscription, Nest Cam continuously records 24/7. Nest Cam looks for motion and listens for conspicuous sounds, like a boom or the crash of a window breaking.

- Lauderhill police are searching for two men who robbed a smoke shop last month at gunpoint. Police said the men got away with about 0 in cash and other items."To get taken advantage of, that's always the worst part, the worst feeling," Smoke Time co-owner Reef Lakhani said.

Surveillance video shows one of the thieves striking the clerk with his gun before they leave the store.

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