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It’s okay; thousands of women have thought the same thing, and just as many have asked where this information was years ago?

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Have some respect for yourself and your guy and keep your relationship private. Some people are very invested in their relationship and would like everyone on Facebook to be as well. In this book you will discover the 10 secrets to get whatever you want from a man simply by changing the way you communicate with him to terms that he understands. We learn to fix:- A guy spending too much time with his friends- Sex, when it has all but dried up- A man who won’t do his chores around the house- Laziness- Men who pull away and how you can pull him back (video with Helen Fisher and me! I also give you true stories of how I solved actual clients’ problems by executing the strategies listed below.Unless you’re interested in inviting a third wheel or collecting a gathering of stalkers, no one needs to know where you are at all times.When it comes to what you post on the internet and Facebook, always be mindful. Your thousands of emails sent me into the trenches on Saturday nights to interview and understand men. I am best-selling author and a dating and life coach for women. I give you tons of examples that you can both relate to and fix with Man Mode.


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