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The series has also received a positive reception from fans and has been commissioned for a third season.In an exclusive interview with uk, the 37-year-old American actress reflected on where she wanted the next run to go.“It would be interesting to see a bachelorette on there or even did a different show, something like behind-the-scenes on Survivor or something that totally shakes it up,” she explained.

Liz Parker attends Roswell High School, where her favorite subject is science.

Her best friends are Alex Whitman and Maria De Luca.

At the beginning of the series, she breaks up with boyfriend Kyle Valenti and engages in a dramatic relationship with alien-human hybrid Max Evans, which is the crux of the television series.

She is smart and very direct about her opinions, sensible, confident and levelheaded.

Her home was above the diner her family owns, the Crashdown Café, and until the last episode, she worked there as a waitress after school.


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