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One that we particularly enjoyed took place last Thursday night, when we invited some adventurous and open-minded members of the public to “speed date” some of our favourite library treasures. this was the first time we’d ever run an event like this and even we weren’t sure exactly what might happen…) – eight Librarians (including representatives from the Brotherton Library at the University of Leeds) sat at eight tables with eight members of the public. – about their individually-selected item for three minutes, before a beautiful old-fashioned bell was ding-donged and each of our guests moved on to the next table, to be lovingly introduced to a new library treasure.

The bread was distributed to the poor the next day along with soup and tea!

” Introduced by Sally from Local and Family History, who says of this ‘colourful’ set of items: “City Varieties Playbills from 1954 to 1962, showcasing the height of entertainment at the time – Vaudeville and strip shows!

Built on Commercial street out of 1500 loaves baked by W.

Morris over an iron and wooden frame, the arch was only in place for the day of the visit.


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